Pratt Institute is one of the leading art and design schools in the world, offering a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in art, design, architecture, writing, and library and information science, many ranked within the top three in the country. It’s main campus is located on a 25 acre campus in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn 25 minutes by train from the heart of Manhattan.


Pratt’s mission is to educate artists and creative professionals to be responsible contributors to society. As a leading educational institution in Art, Design and Architecture, Pratt is committed to becoming a role model for art and design schools across the nation by ensuring that students understand sustainability and their role as socially and environmentally responsible citizens, artists and designers. Pratt’s Center for Sustainable Design Studies and Research (CSDS) is the centerpiece of Pratt’s commitment to support our schools, faculty and students in developing sustainable innovation through our work. CSDS is a physical space and hub for resources, collaboration and research.

The CSDS is a key sponsor of Exhibitions of work of The Guyana Project in Manhattan.


The North South Project was founded by Patty Johnson, one of the two professors that led The Guyana Project. The North South Project is a new model of viable design and craft collaborations in the developing world. Called the North South Project because of its reach across a global north/south axis, the project brings new product collections to Northern markets that are designed and made in the Southern hemisphere. Over the last two years, Patty Johnson has worked with partners in Botswana, Africa and Guyana, South America to develop this design program.