saradierck Sara Dierck |
Sara Dierck is a designer and artist who grew up on the South Puget Sound in rural Washington State. She received her BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2002, and has lived in Brooklyn, NY ever since. Sara’s practice of interactive and public art led her to begin her studies in the Graduate Industrial Design program at Pratt Institute. Sara finds design to be an exciting place to be, and believes in its potential for initiating positive change and meaningful connections between people.
evefisher Eve Fisher
Raised in central New York, Eve moved to New York City for a formal education in design. She is currently enrolled in the industrial design bachelor’s degree program at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Now in the final year of the program, Eve is focusing on designing objects that are highly efficient in functionality as well as production to create domestically precious products. Eve is planning to earn a master’s degree in ceramics with the goal of becoming intimately familiar with a material and its production methods.
saharghaheri Sahar Ghaheri
Sahar Ghaheri is a designer and artist who grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She received a BFA in Photography from Washington University in St. Louis and continued her studies at the Design Skolen Kolding in Denmark with a concentration in Industrial Design. She worked within this field at El Boutique Creative group, a Kuwait-based design firm, and held an internship at Karim Rashid in New York. Her experiences thus far have cemented her beliefs in sustainability and socially conscious design. She is also currently involved in New York based organizations such as Project H and is a 201o fellow at the Buckminster Fuller Institute. Sahar is presently pursuing a masters degree in Industrial Design at Pratt Institute and part of the Center for Sustainable Design Studies Interns for Change
jasonhu Jason Hu
Jason Hu received a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of California, Berkeley in the field of bioengineering. Since then, he has sought to re-imagine mass-produced products, technologies, and systems through the lenses of social, economic, and ecological consciousness. He currently pursues a Masters of Industrial Design at the Pratt institute.
pattyjohnson Patty Johnson
Patty Johnson is a Canadian designer who is interested in the interchange between research and design, and commerce and culture. She operates worldwide with partners, enterprises, manufacturers, communities, governments, and designers creating new kinds of design programs and product collections. Her mobile studio network looks to combine the strengths of complimentary groups to build new linkages, new cultures and new ideas.
mikejozewicz Mike Jozewicz
Mike is an interdisciplinary designer. He is passionate about materializing ideas derived from the possibilities, and limitations, of the physical world, whether at the scale of a lighting fixture or a university campus master plan. He was born in Poland, raised in North Carolina and studied in St. Louis, MO, where he received a BS of Architecture from Washington University. He worked in the field of residential, institutional and sustainable architecture for four years in North Carolina and San Francisco. He is currently pursuing a Master of Industrial Design at the Pratt Institute.
helenekenny Helene Kenny
Heléne Harley Kenny is a designer that explores the limits of our expectations. She grew up in Washington DC and moved West to earn her BA in Architecture from UC Berkeley, CA. Since then she has lived in Brooklyn, NY working in architecture and exhibit design. She is now pursuing her Masters in Industrial Design at Pratt Institute.
iveylian Ivey Lian
Ivey Lian is a problem-solver. The first incarnation of her career was as graphic designer in San Francisco. When she realized the limitations of websites and logos, she looked to industrial design to bulk up her toolbox.
saramcbeen Sara McBeen
Sara McBeen is an artist and designer who grew up in Petaluma, CA, just north of San Francisco. She earned a BFA in ceramics and sculpture from Sonoma State University and worked as a production artist and studio manager at Diana Crane’s Porcelain until moving to NY in 2006. A fascination with the way things fit together and how people interact with the objects around them led her to Industrial Design and Pratt Institute where she is currently earning her master’s degree. As a designer she is motivated by the environmental and social considerations of our time and seeks simple and responsible solutions that ultimately add to the value and aesthetic of the object.
catmerrick Cat Merrick |
Cat Merrick is an artist and designer from Las Vegas working in Brooklyn. She studied painting at the Art Institute of Chicago and the School of Visual Arts in New York before pursuing a Masters of Industrial Design at Pratt Institute. Her designs have been featured in the LA Times, Core 77, Apartment Therapy and Design Sponge, among others, and can be found at
robertpatrick Robert A Patrick
Robert A Patrick was born and raised in Los Angeles and have been living in New York since 1999. As an industrial designer he is focused on creating design for mass manufacturing but valuable on a personal level. He feel sustainable design is a combination of responsible production methods and creating objects that are geared for longevity.
ashleythorfinnson Ashley Thorfinnson |
Ashley Thorfinnson is an industrial designer who grew up in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and moved eastward to pursue her undergraduate education at Dartmouth College. She is currently a second year graduate student at Pratt Institute in Industrial Design. As an active member of New York’s design community, Ashley is a 2010 Fellow at the Buckminster Institute, a member of Project H’s New York Chapter, and an Intern for Change at Pratt’s Center for Sustainable Design Studies. Approaching design from a background in environmental studies and art, she is passionate about the idea of creating products, systems, and solutions that affect change on numerous scales through careful consideration of aesthetics, materiality, context and intent.
rebeccawelz Rebecca Welz
Rebecca Welz is a sculptor who is currently working in welded, sandblasted, painted steel. She is represented by the June Kelly Gallery in New York, the Butters Gallery in Portland, Oregon and Sculpturesite in San Francisco. Her work is included in many public and private collections. She is also a professor of design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York where she has originated core curricula for industrial design students. She has also taught workshops on sustainability at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum and at Boisbuschet, France (sponsored by Vitra Museum and the Pompidou Centre).