Designer: Sahar Ghaheri

Collaborator: Trevor

Design is an informed process, it requires a study of history, ritual and
purpose. The goal of our recent trip to Guyana was to work with a group of
indigenous artisans. Designing a piece in collaboration with this group of
skilled workers meant taking into account Guyana’s rich history, its culture
and rituals, and conceptualizing how these factors and influences manifested
in modern day. The head of the weaving department at the factory said that,
in the past, furniture constructed mostly catered to the ex-pat community,
as the Guyanese gathered and socialized on the floor or on low stools. That
became a central theme and inspired further exploration. I was interested in
creating seating that would respond to and provide alternatives to the way
people gathered. The pods are intended to be used in varying positions;
cross-legged, kneeling, saddle back, and potentially incorporate more than
one person. The interaction between the user and the pod changes
additionally depending on whether  the stool is in the rocking or stable